We had twenty six participants for the Balloon Art program. The artist John worked wonderfully with the children.

La Wan-Dia Rhoden, Literacy Leapers

Thank you for sending John the balloon artist to us today. He did a fantastic job! We got lots of compliments and we wanted you guys to know.

Ofilia Barrera, Youth Services Supervisor, Smith Public Library

It was a big hit. The girls especially couldn’t wait to have their pictures done.

Victoria Wise

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Everyone was very excited to see the entertainer at our event. He kepted their attention and lots of kids wanting to get involved in the act. I’m sure that the parents were just as delighted to see their kids have so much fun! We will have Brett back next time.

D'jay Campbell

I just wanted to drop a note to say what fun we all had at the party, including moms and dads. Such strong childrens’ laughter and deep down giggles made us parents all the more happy! I got lots of great pics and hope that you’ll create a ‘kids having fun’ photo page on your website someday; because what y’all do is truly special in today’s crazy fast paced world.
Maggie , you are so talented and we appreciate your uniqueness!
My son came home and tried to get me to produce erased and colored color wonder pages in a crayola book, pulled hot wheels out of his ear, and talked about his ‘entrusted’ magical powers all night. Hah! How adorable and memorable this day will become!

Thank you again very much!!
God bless you.

Michelle Cullers

Would you recommend this show to others? “Yes. Excellent entertainment! We were given a very clear description of what the show would include and the presentation was that and more! We couldn’t have been more pleased! The presentation included several different forms of entertainment – not just the usual balloon animals. Everyone attending our family reunion was so impressed and pleased to see the little ones enjoying themseles so much! Well done, Maggie!

Sharon Sparks

Hi Maggie Wanted to wish you a very happy new year and thank you so very much for the fantastic show you held for our son, Adam… Everybody enjoyed it so much. We are dealing with one side effect… Adam wants another birthday ASAP so Maggie the Clown would come! God bless you and help you draw more smiles on our kids’ faces.”

Rajaa Issa

How would you evaluate your experience on the phone when booking the party?“Excellent. Asked great questions before, and handled the additional children well. Would you recommend this show to others? Yes. Great face painting, was wonderful.”

Sherry Gonzales

Was the show appropriate for the age group it was intended for? Yes. She did much more than I expected.

What was the children’s reaction to the show? Excellent. She had the children laughing and cooperating/reacting to her questions and jokes. Even the adults were involved and watching.

How could we improve the show? You all are great! There is nothing you can do to make you better!

Becky Garcia

Dear Maggie: My daughter, Rachel, attended a birthday party for Jessica Parra on Saturday, March 6. When Rachel saw you she reminded me you were also at Jessica’s party last year. At Rachel’s request, you made her a T-Rex dinosaur balloon. She was very impressed by you and the next morning she made you a card using your postcard picture. She wrote you a note under the postcard and is sending from herself and her 3-year old brother who was not at the party. She asked me to mail [it] to you. I wanted you to know how much she enjoyed you being at the party.

Sandra Freeman

Was the show appropriate for the age group it was intended for? Yes. She was perfect, the children loved the show and her. She kept it controlled, other parents were asking me about Margaret for their children’s birthday parties.

What was the children’s reaction to the show? Excellent. They were all talking about the show through the next day.

Jennifer C. Feagan

Dear Funny Business/Maggie: As a first time customer requesting a clown for my son’s 3rd birthday party, I was highly impressed with the entertainment given. My son Micah was granted that entertainment from Maggie the Clown. Not only did Maggie the Clown entertain fourteen 3-9 year olds, she impressed the adults as well! . . . Even though Maggie the Clown was missed long after my son’s birthday party was over, she will remain forever in our hearts and memories!

Jana Lemon

Was the show appropriate fo the age group it was intended for? “Excellent performance from Maggie herself. All the children loved her and were highly entertained by her. The adults at the party were amazed and loved her as well!”

Would you recommend this show to others? Yes. Lots of entertaining for the quality price!

Jo Ann Morris

“I just wanted to thank you for Sam, Martha, and Brad! They really made our carnival themed picnic come to life. Everyone really enjoyed having them at the picnic.”

Shaunte Hunter