There are a lot of balloon twisters in the world, but only a handful of balloon entertainers. A twister makes an animal; a balloon entertainer makes a memory. How? Our balloon entertainers fill the space with laughter – with comedy – with audience participation to spread the happiness of a balloon to everyone gathered. Maggie is a ventriloquist – she’ll have the sculpture actually talking to the guests. Imagine a balloon animal coming to life; the dog that sits up, rolls over, speaks, and does tricks like a real dog, and then manages to sing happy birthday! Joe will engage the audience with dozens of silly questions and a shower of puns. With Wendell, it is hard to say which moves faster – his hands or his string of jokes and humorous stories. We call him Mr. Personality Plus – plus balloons, that is! You can have a lifeless balloon animal from nearly anyone – you will get a priceless party memory from a DFW Funny Business balloon entertainer!

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Maggie The Balloon Lady

For fun mixed with fabulous balloon creations, Maggie’s the one! She will have the audience laughing and smiling wherever she works. It might be a silly trivia contest, Alfalfa language, or a never ending string of jokes, yet they’ll be listening and laughing as she works. From fairs and festivals to small parties, Maggie is a real crowd pleaser!

Q: What goes peck, peck, peck, boom?
A: A chicken in a minefield!


Maggie with a couple of friends she just made!


Maggie is so funny, she even makes herself laugh!

She is a published author (a book of jokes, no less!) with thousands of shows for thousands of children. From Texas to Florida, people have loved Maggie the Balloon Lady wherever she starts inflating balloons. More than sculptures, she delivers entertainment engaging any group almost immediately. There’ll be lots of smiles and excited talking – bring in Maggie, and leave the laughter to her!

Q: Why did the hummingbird hum?
A: Because he didn’t know the words!

What makes her so special is she focuses on making memories. The balloon sculpture may last only a few minutes, yet the memories of meeting Maggie provide a rich tapestry in the mind of guests. Maggie can make anything which crawls, walks, swims, or flies, and nearly anything in between. Audiences at birthday parties, holiday events, corporate picnics, and fairs have left with colorful sculptures, wide smiles, and wonderful memories of their time with Maggie the Balloon Lady. She uses songs, stories, and more to keep the entertainment high.

A lonely frog telephoned the Psychic Hotline and asked what his future holds. His Personal Psychic Advisor tells him: “You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you.”
The frog is thrilled. “This is great! Will I meet her at a party?”
“No,” says the psychic, “in biology class.”

For great entertainment with your balloons, bring in Maggie the Balloon Lady!

Q: How do you fix a broken chimpanzee?
A: With a monkey wrench.


Wendell The Balloon Dude


You’ve seen ballooner’s before, making dog after dog, and sword after sword. Hey, we like dogs, and kids LOVE swords. Yet after seeing this same level of artistry again and again, did you ever think ‘I’m bored.’ Maybe you thought that after waiting in line for 30 minutes for your child to get a dog, or a sword, and as you stood patiently waiting, you wondered ‘is there a way to do this balloon stuff and be entertaining?’ The answer is YES, and the person to do it is our own Wendell the Balloon dude! Way past simple dogs and swords, Wendell will keep you engaged while he amazes with the sculptures he can make!

Wendell matches exceptional skill at twisting balloons with an entertaining, engaging style. You’ll see smiles when people are waiting, and when they are leaving with a fabulous sculpture! Wendell is the organizer and head of the only DFW club for balloon entertainers which has been in operation since 2001. He is a lecturer and workshop leader for balloon twisters across the nation.

We are privileged to add Wendell to our roster of outstanding entertainers! You will be amazed by his repertoire of creations, and delighted by the entertainment he generates at your event! He has created 7 different instructional DVDs which sell well to the entertainer world. In summer 2006, he was the feature artist for the highly prestigious T.Jam on the road, which took Wendell to several cities all over the western United States to teach, inspire, and share his special brand of balloons and entertainment with other artists. On top of that, Wendell stays busy appearing at events, parties, celebrations, fairs, and grand openings to keep the crowds smiling!


Wendell shows how to pilot a balloon plane.


Wendell with a surf ‘n turf pairing.

Wendell is a versatile balloon entertainer. He will provide fun at a birthday party as the central entertainment, or as an add-on if you want engaging balloon art. (What can he make? Oh, giraffes, fish, airplanes, cars, hats, bracelets, things that fly, things that slither, things that crawl, things that howl, things that skitter, things that wallow, things that oink, things that cheep, things that roar, things that bark, things that peck, things that sting . . . and the list goes on!) We are sure that Wendell will show you things with balloons that you never saw before, taking balloon animals way past balloon dogs, and introducing you to balloon entertainment! Give your guests the gift of balloon entertainment – they’ll talk about your event for months to come!

To bring Wendell to your event, just send a Price Request with the details. After that, we’ll be in touch!

Joe The Balloon Buffoon

There are few who can match Joe for energy, invention, and variety. He adds large doses of comedy with his balloon making. Joe can make nearly anything from balloons, delighting children and adults. Your guests will love Joe and talk about his work for days afterwards. Even better, they’ll try to keep the balloon animal sculpture for weeks or months! People fall in love with the little critters that grow like magic from Joe’s hands. Bring Joe in, then step back and let him make balloon hats, animals, sculptures, bracelets, or balloon toys guests love . He has the experience, the repertoire, and the energy to turn a party into a memorable celebration!

Joe is an experienced, widely travelled balloon entertainer in the DFW metroplex. In the Christmas season, Joe is one of our most popular Santa’s, with a highly developed knack for how to tickle an audience funny bone. In the summers, Joe keeps his skills sharp by traveling the United States working fairs and festivals. The rest of the year, he keeps Texas in stitches at parties and corporate events!


Friendly and colorful, Joe makes a splash at your event!


Whoo! That is a realistic skunk!


Joe reporting, ready for smiles!


A ringmaster of fun, Joe with 2 friends!

Balloon Twisters & Balloon Artists

There are balloon twisters, balloon artists, and balloon entertainers. At DFW Funny Business we have over 25 people who can make balloon animals and balloon hats. Some of these people are VERY talented in what they can make. Only 3 of them qualify as balloon ENTERTAINERS though. That’s someone who actually ENTERTAINS as they twist with jokes, silliness, and actual routines. The rest of our twisters aspire to be balloon entertainers, but until they pass the Maggie the Magical Clown™ seal of approval, they will be called twisters or artists.

These people are good at twisting their doggies and other shapes – they just lack the entertainment skills of those at the top of the page. We’re working on them, and some day maybe we can move them up to the top of the page. Until then, if you are on a tight budget and are not as concerned about entertainment as you are the kids getting a balloon they will probably pop within 5 minutes, then get one of our balloon artists/twisters instead.


David livens an event with a mouse hat!


David with a finished sculpture.




John has been twisting since 1992, when he was only 8 years old, helping his mom by making simple sculptures. As you can see, he has advanced tremendously beyond simple swords or dogs. He is extremely fast, inventive, and can keep up a breakneck speed for hours at a time. You’ll find that while he fills the air with marvelous designs, he keeps people smiling with his dry sense of humor. Your guests will enjoy what he brings to your event; click to read a good report from this library, or a positive account from this one, who had John twisting and entertaining! Need more convincing? Alright – have a look at his medals from the 2012 Texas Clown Association convention!




Andy has been twisting balloons since 1999. He is based in Austin, Texas, but will travel to the DFW area for multi-hour gigs with enough notice. His career spans multiple states, working parties, fairs and festivals, as well as corporate events. He has a huge variety of sculptures he can make, and his warm smile, energetic personality, and friendly nature make him a hit at every event! Why is he so good? Because his mom is Maggie the Balloon Lady! To have Andy at your event in Austin, Round Rock, or Pflugerville, TX, send us a Price Request form. In the Additional Notes field, let us know you want Andy! 


Jolly (right) She is an excellent twister and one of the fastest, most creative balloon artists we have.

Dubble Bubble (left). She is the closest to being a balloon entertainer of any of our artist/twisters. She really knows how to laugh and have fun. Her designs aren’t as intricate as some, but she makes up for it in her personality.



Aaron the Balloon Wizard (right) He is gifted with kids; a natural talent combined with the warmest personality you’ll ever meet. Add balloons, and you have our balloon wizard! The kids will absolutely adore Aaron as a Balloon Wizard at their party or event!

Patton (left) is posing with a bunch of balloons. He can make some pretty cute cars out of balloons. He’s also pretty good with animals.



Tina and Monkey (left) A very sweet lady who is great with hats as well as animals.

Jack (right) is based in Austin and is also a pretty good juggler. If your event is in the Austin area, we can book him for you.