basketball jones on stilts

Whether you are having a Super Bowl party, a Cowboys tailgate party, or your child’s school is playing their arch rival, we can provide fun entertainment for your sports related party. How about a face painter to paint your child’s team mascot on everyone’s face? How about balloon hats in the team colors? How about a caricature artist to draw your guests wearing their favorite player’s jersey number? The possibilities are endless! Don’t mess around trying to do this yourself – use a professional!

Our office is within 5 miles of both the Texas Rangers stadium AND the Dallas Cowboys stadium. If you need custom sports themed face painting for game day activities, appointments can be set up IN ADVANCE so you and your guests can get made up for the game! Special fixative can be used so that the face paint will not smear. Cost? Painters are $135/hr. or $25 per face (on Super Bowl Saturday and Sunday). Balloon artists are $150/hr. on Super Bowl Saturday and Sunday.

Little League season kick off – SMU Mustang face painting – TCU painting faces for all home games – DFW Funny Business face painters have painted for local colleges as SMU & TCU home games with mascots logos and team colors. Also provide children’s entertainment for all Dallas Cowboys home games including pre-season. Can provide a baseball themed stiltwalker for little league kick off, as well as sports face paints, sports entertainers who will play games with the kids. FB can also provide you with balloon artists in sports outfits. We have entertainers who can dress in referee outfits, bringing magic or energetic games to your event.

We can provide air brush artists to apply your team colors, logo, or mascot onto fans during the pre-game warm up.

Sports – We have provided entertainment for Texas Christian University home games, Dallas Cowboys, The Cottonbowl, Texas Rangers, Frisco Rough Riders, and many elementary, Jr. High, and High school teams!

We have provided baseball clad stilt walkers for the opening day first pitch throw out of baseball season (typically the first weekend in April). We have provided stilt walkers for the Dallas Cowboys! Balloon artists for the Cowboys too. Our artists come up with designs specific to the teams and can even have stencils made to make painting go faster!


Elephants and clowns are main features of the circus. Elephants eat 200 pounds of vegetables a day, which make them impractical for your party. Clowns, though, eat considerably less, and we have lots of them for your party! We have real clowns – funny, experienced, highly trained clowns who look like clowns! All of them have had many classes with former Ringling Brothers clowns, so you know you are getting big top clown entertainment. Want a clown with a trained dog? We’ve got one, just like the circus! Want a clown with a funny juggling routine? We’ve got one, just like the circus! Want a clown with a live bunny magic show? We’ve got one – which even the circus doesn’t!

Bring the best of the circus to your birthday party; without having to clean up after an elephant!


Kids love horses, animals, and cowboys. Are you planning a Western theme event? If so, we can help make it more fun for everyone! For the kids in your audience, bring in Bucky the Cowgirl. She is a Western character with lots of experience getting smiles and laughter from child audiences. Another option for your family gatherings is Kelli. She has years sharing puppets with younger audiences, leaving many happy memories wherever she goes.

Professor Miraculous and Doc Haliday are also excellent choices for events with a Western theme. If you have a multi-hour family function, school event, or company celebration with a Western twang, these two are just what you need to keep the crowds smiling. Prof. Miraculous is highly sklilled with children, while Doc Haliday fits in well with grown-up audiences.

Want something Western yet unusual? We’ve got a genuine traveling medicine show your guests fill find quite engaging. To satisfy the urge to ride that is inside all cowboys and cowgirls, bring in our pony carousel. In addition, we have an enaging Western stiltwalker, and a performer who can show a whip cracking display. For your Western event, we’ve got lots of family entertainment which will make you very popular!

maggie and a stuffed elephant


Whether it is Mowgli, Tarzan, Jane, or any of the other characters from exotic stories in books and movies, kids like the jungle world! When your son or daughter wants to have a jungle or safari theme for their birthday, we can help! We’ll send Masai Maggie, who has a friend kids all adore – Sneezy!

Masai Maggie is a skilled puppeteer and birthday party entertainer. She’ll have the children engaged in her show right from the start as they meet her interesting friends, call out ‘pick me, pick me’ to answer her questions, or sit like they are enchanted as she tells a story.

Masai Maggie brings even more as she is a skilled face painter and balloon artist, too. This means that children at your party can be immersed in an adventure spurred by their favorite exotic critter and have stories, facepaints, and balloon animals to match! Tell your child yes this year – at last they can have that safari theme. It will be like going to Madagascar, or having Marlin Perkins and the Wild Kingdom at your house this year!

Fairy tales & Storytellers

It is so much fun for the birthday child (and the guests) when an actual fairy tale character arrives for the party! Stories about Mother Goose are wonderful – yet meeting Goosie is a new kind of wonderful! You can have the Snow Queen, Mother goose, Snow White, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty for a fairy tale character at the party. Our entertainers are skilled at keeping attention, releasing the laughter, and with their years of experience, they have material they know will hold attention. In addition to the thrill of having a live fairytale character at your party, many of our entertainers are also skilled with balloons and face paint. Think how much you would treasure a photo of your child with Mother Goose. Plus, with your little one leaving the party with a balloon sculpture or a fairytale facepaint, everyone lives happily ever after! In addition to these characters, we have Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty as characters available for your party. Would you like a juggler from the fairy tale time? We can help you there, too, with an excellent juggler in a Renaissance costume to add motion at your event!

Do you love fairy tales and yet want a non-costume storyteller for your party? We’ve got you covered there, too! You want Sandy, the supreme story teller! She has wonderful puppets and props to make her stories more three dimensional. In addition, she has the experience sharing fairy tales to keep the audience enchanted! For an outstanding non-costume fairy tale option, make a wish for Sandy to appear at your party.


A pirate theme is one of the most consistently popular themes for a birthday party. Even when Pirates of the Carribean is not in the theaters, kids love pirates. They love the look, they love the talk, they love treasure, and they love pirate swords! What is a pirate’s favorite letter? Arrrrrrrrrr! Kids even like the corny jokes!

We have so many different pirates, you might think you are in the book Kidnapped! Pirates are very popular with a variety of audiences, and we have many options. Would you like a pirate themed magic show for your party? You can have that with Penny the Pirate or with Capt. Brett. Are you having a pool party or maybe a school event? Think about Capt. Kenny, the tallest pirate in Texas! He’ll appear to be a giant, peg-legged buccaneer delivering a new level of pirate delight at your party, or trade show booth. Want a pirate storyteller? Capt. Sandy brings her stories alive with props and puppets! For pirate theme entertainment, you are at the right place!

On top of being likable pirate character,s some of our entertainers can make pirate swords with balloons, or add pirate facepaint. Always remember – long after your guests forget the grog and the booty, they will remember the entertainment! Let us help you find someone just right, matey!

Flowers & Butterflies

When the theme is new growth, fertility, planting seeds, harvest, or any other expression of natural growth, these are entertainers ideal for your event! Mother Nature personifies the growth of new seedlings, the awakening of spring that leads to summer bounty. In addition to this, Mother Nature will add a beautiful touch to your event with butterfly face paint designs, or butterfly balloons for your guests. Also in the spirit of new growth is Daffy Daisy, a funny plant who will have your audience laughing with her puppet filled show! When you want entertainment related to flowers, butterflies, and good, rich soil, Mother Nature or Daffy Dill are a perfect match to that theme!