FAQs to help you select the right entertainment

The Clowns FAQ – the silliest performers who bring lots of laughs to your event (as well as balloons, funny routines, and lots of chances for the guest of honor to star.)

The Magicians FAQ – our most mystifying entertainers who deliver laughs along with ‘wows!’ of amazement (with laughter, balloons, live animals, and magical moments for the guest of honor.)

The Facepainter FAQ – instead of painting the Sistine Chapel, they add an artistic touch to faces and arms (with designs ranging from abstract swirls of color to detailed flowers.)

The Caricature FAQ – for an artistic reminder of the event that can be framed, have one of our caricaturists to delight your guests with their drawings.

The Husband FAQ – this helps you come up with what to say if he gives you that look when you say “I was thinking we ought to have an entertainer this year.”

The Booking FAQ – answers for some of the most popular questions we get on the process of hiring DFW Funny Business to provide entertainers for your event.