Storytellers & Characters

Remember when you were little and you dreamed of meeting someone from a storybook? Did you wonder if costumed characters only live at theme parks or on TV? They did until now! Now your child can have their dreams come true, thanks to YOU. A fairy tale character can step right into YOUR living room and captivate your birthday guests! YOU will be a hero and your child will remember this moment up to when you are a grandparent! The memories our characters make are priceless!

Mother Goose & Mother Nature







It is so much fun for the birthday child (and the guests) when an actual fairy tale character arrives for the party! Stories about Mother Goose are wonderful – yet meeting Goosie is a new kind of wonderful! Have you got a garden party planned? Then Mother Nature is just right for your event. As both of these characters, Margaret will engage the children with puppets and storytelling. Once the performance is finished, she will bring out her facepaints or her balloons to call out even more smiles. Mother Goose and Mother Nature are fabulous characters to pose with the birthday child, making a photo you will always treasure. Plus, with the guests leaving the party with a balloon animal or a fairy tale facepaint, everyone lives happily ever after!

Enchanting Storyteller – Sandy



Do you love fairy tales and yet want a non-costume storyteller for your party? We’ve got you covered there, too! You want Sandy, the supreme story teller! She has wonderful puppets and props to make her stories more three dimensional. In addition, she has the experience sharing fairy tales to keep the audience enchanted! For an outstanding non-costume fairy tale option, make a wish and have Sandy appear at your party.

Adventure Girl – A Modern Fairy Tale


Adventure Girl’s smile is the sort of smile that tends to get everyone at the party smiling, too!


With her trusty twirly, Adventure Girl adds spinning color and lots of motion to the show!

Bernadette is as bubbly as rootbeer! As a mother herself, she has a lot of experience with kids. We sometimes wonder, though, if she just pretends to be a grown up because when it comes to fun, Bernadette is the first to jump in! Adventure Girl comes to your house to share the story of the search for Baby Bunny. Her show takes the children through different places (without ever leaving the living room), sharing magic effects, music making, and puppet friends! Your child will have a chance to star 3 times in the show – and at the end of the adventure, they find Baby Bunny, safe and sound! This is a show that will have the kids engaged for the whole party. In addition, Bernadette can provide face painting or balloons.