DFW Funny Business artists make you look good! Our caricaturists make you feel more beautiful and handsome! That’s right! Some caricaturists accentuate flaws, making your nose bigger or your ears stick out more. Our artists accentuate your best points and make your drawing look better than real life! Have you always wanted a model’s body? Well, now you can have it without dieting! THESE pictures you will want to frame! Always fun, always in good taste – DFW Funny Business!


Sam has been drawing caricatures since 1995 and has been a DFW FUNNY BUSINESS fixture since 2001. People always remark about Sam’s quick wit & attention to “just the right details”. He really captures his subjects. Take a look at his drawing of Chris Rock, of Prince, or a party guest Brandy who will smile every time she looks at her picture! Dependable and quick, Sam is ready to draw for you!

ja_two_customers copy

Two happy customers with their drawing!

“Margaret, Sam was wonderful! He was a big hit with everyone, so much so, we asked him to extend his stay until 6:15. Please send me an invoice for the additional 1.25 hours. Thanks!”

Carol Cameron – Huckabee Architecture, Engineering, Management


Sam at work on another masterpiece!


A collage of examples.



Want to see the full picture of what Martha can do? Click here or on the image above!

Martha is another very accomplished caricature artist. Her drawings are remarkably accurate. She can draw in black and white or in color. Artists may be wild and push social convention, yet Martha is always professional. In addition, she is well dressed at all of her gigs, showing that as an ‘artist’ she can fit in at your party. Martha is also dependable and her skill – with her pleasant personality – make her a plus at any event.



Patton starts to draw with a willing subject. Mom watches from one side!

Patton is a friendly guy whom people like. He will joke around with his subjects and make them feel at ease while he draws them. He’s been drawing crowds for DFW Funny Business since 2001. He is a FAST artist which is important when you have a large crowd of people.


From sports to government, Patton draws it all!


Some “Friends” gather to hear Elton play.


Nearly done, both Mom and the subject are smiling. How’s that for kid approved?


Recognize the celebs drawn by Patton?


Micki is a wonderful caricature artist who is very fast. Her drawings are very accurate with an eye for detail.

To get pricing on this artist, send us a Price Request, and we’ll be in touch with a way you can “draw a crowd” at your next event!




Neal is a very accomplished caricature artist. If pressed for time, Neal is probably the fastest artist in the area – drawing profiles in under 2 minutes and frontal poses in about 4 minutes. Neal does black and white or color drawings. Always neat and clean, he is a class act when it comes to caricature artists.

To get pricing on this artist, send us a Price Request, and we’ll be in touch with a way you can “draw a crowd” at your next event!


Mike is a wonderful addition to the DFW Funny Business roster of artists. You can see the extent of his imagination, his focus on details, and his strong line style. Mike will add that fun artistic touch to your next event, and your guests will receive a one of a kind memory they can hang on the wall. Talk about it later? They’ll keep Mike’s work for years and years!

To get pricing on this artist, send us a Price Request, and we’ll be in touch with a way you can “draw a crowd” at your next event!





Kay is the most recent addition to the DFW Funny Business roster of artists! She is experienced in bringing smiles to a party by drawing fun, engaging images of the guests attending.

People will be pleased at how they are portrayed, and their friends will like the portrait, too! Your party will give a different memory for those who sit to have their picture drawn, and those cheering their friend during the process. Kay will give your guests another reason to be smiling at the event! You’ll find that she is popular because Kay’s style is to make people cartoony without emphasizing any bad features. Kids love her style because she plays up the “cuteness factor”. Whether large or small, young or old, guests find lots of reasons to sit for Kay who helps them to look their very best!

For pricing, send us a Price Request, and we’ll help you make your party a real draw!


Our newest artist, Kay, will have guests smiling like this young lady! (Click to go closer!)


Niki comes to us from Austin, TX. She has been drawing caricatures since she worked as a kid at Fiesta, Texas in San Antonio as a teenager. Suffice to say she’s in her 30s now! With a degree in digital art from Texas A&M university she has a unique skill set. She can draw digital caricatures for you and send you the file! At graduation time each year she can send your graduate a special drawing of them to commemorate their graduation. Here is her own rendition of herself.