Remember playing make-believe as a child? Remember playing dress up? Remember laughing at Saturday morning cartoons? Our clowns bring that happy feeling and magic to your party! Our clowns are cartoon characters come to life, out of the silver screen and live at your party! The children will laugh, the adults will laugh, and everyone will be light hearted as a child! After the fun, everyone will thank you for a wonderful time! Our clowns make memories for you and your family that last longer than the taste of the birthday cake. DFW Funny Business clowns deliver memories that last a lifetime!

Speedy Overview of our Clowns and entertainment options to help you choose!

Maggie the Magical Clown™ – Magic that leaves you laughing!


Maggie has several friends, such as Mary in her pre-K puppet show.


How good is Maggie at plate spinning?


With Maggie’s ventriloquism, Elmer sings a crazy version of happy birthday.

Margaret Clauder is the most experienced, award winning clown DFW Funny Business offers (since 1984). She can handle any type of entertainment and any age. From 1 year old birthdays to 10 year olds, to large corporate parties with adults only, to company picnics, she can do it. Her birthday magic show is hilarious with back-firing, one of a kind magic that leaves her audience rolling on the floor over how dumb a clown can be. Her bunny, Spot, always makes a surprise appearance (disguised as a white tiger.)


Silly Maggie . . . only a clown would get confused by her own hat!

For very young children she has a variety puppet show featuring her excellent ventriloquism as Elmer the puppet messes up the Happy Birthday Song every way imaginable. Maggie paints beautiful faces, makes fabulous balloon sculptures, and has won top state and national awards for her work in both! She is the current president of Mid-Cities Clowns, former President of Happi Tymes Clowns, as well as a former clown school instructor. Margaret is a highly requested lecturer at entertainment conventions, and an author for international entertainment magazines.

Maggie the Magical Clown™ is an experienced stage performer, with several shows she can perform at your event. Her programs appeal to a wide age range, and they are full of surprise, laughter, and comical routines. Maggie is beloved by crowds, with the stage presence to give everyone in the audience the feeling that she is performing just for them. You may also want to have Maggie the Magical Clown™ as a walkaround entertainer at your event.

She has developed several routines, such as the Funny Film camera, which bring the comedy directly to your guests. Your event will be livelier, you will hear more laughter, and you will get more praise when you add the magical Maggie element to your next function! For either shows, or walkaround, Maggie the Magical Clown™ has the skills to make you sparkle!

“I just want to THANK YOU so much for all you did Sunday! You guys were a huge hit! And thank you so much for EVERYTHING you did!! Without you guys my party would not have been so wonderful! You worked VERY hard and were absolutely WONDERFUL!! I am forever a client!! And a refferer! Thank you again and again AND AGAIN!!!!!!!! AND AGAIN!!!”

-Amy Lule (Find out what other people think about Maggie the Magical Clown!)


Maggie out for a walk, with her dog Frank.


There is a ‘claws’ for alarm in Maggie’s box of animal cookies !


When she wants to show off, Maggie juggles 4 plates at the same time!

Margaret (the face behind Maggie) has many learning programs shared at this site –
Click to visit and explore her educational shows created for schools, libraries, and daycares!


Boocoos the Clown – From the bigtop to your living room!


Here’s Boocoos!


The parasol is not just a colorful prop; Boocoos uses it for juggling fun!


He’s on his knees, but he’s not praying; Boocoos is playing with a spinning plate!


Boocoos pausing the fun for a quick smile!

When you want to have a REAL circus clown at your party, get Boocoos!

Imagine a clown in the center ring of the circus – spinning plates, balancing objects on his chin, juggling, and keeping all eyes trained on him as the audience is transfixed. That is an example of a circus arts clown, and Boocoos is an expert at physical comedy and entertainment skills. He can have the audience laughing with the trouble he has just getting a folding stool set up, and then he’ll have them applauding wildly with his juggling skills. Have you ever tried to roll a ball around on a parasol? It can’t be done – yet Boocoos does it! He does it with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, because he is truly a clown, through and through.

He has a great way around kids, acting like a big kid himself. In fact, he’s like a child who takes the wrong approach, and makes it work! Did we mention that he can also make fun balloon animals for the guests? We should have, because when the show is over, the kids will still have that gift from their funny friend. While you would need a big top and elephants for a circus, Boocoos and his act fit right in your living room. If you are having a circus themed party, or if you want a loving clown for your event, you’ll be glad you got Boocoos. He is as fun as a barrel of monkeys, with much better manners!

Let us know that you want Boocoos! Send a price request form for a favorite at DFW kid parties! (Parents like him, too!)

“I just wanted to let you know that Boocoos was just absolutely awesome!!!! He was so engaging with all the kids and they had a spectacular time!!!! They were still talking about what a good time they had this morning when I dropped Kris off. Thank you soooo…… much for matching us up!! Please pass my “thank you” on if you can. He was GREAT!!!!!”
— Paula R.

Hanky the Clown





Tricia is a former officer for Texas Mid Cities Clown Alley number #85. She is an accomplished puppeteer. Her voices with her puppets are hilarious! She writes her own original material that you will find no where else. She performs a wonderful show that involves clown magic, puppetry, and general silliness. She is a very accomplished balloon artist as well as face painter too. She is also a lovely person to know and very gentle and sweet with children. She performs as Jolly (out of make-up) for really young children who may be afraid of clown make-up. She stays very busy! On top of all that, Hanky the Clown was the DFW Funny Business entertainer of the year for 2008, and the Texas Clown of the Year in 2007!

“The children and parents all enjoyed Hanky. She is excellent at what she does. We will book her again for future parties. Also, other people from the party took cards and said they were going to be booking as well!”
Leslie Kelsheimer




I can’t believe the wonderful time my guests and I had over the past weekend …It was all thanks to the wonderful world of Hanky .. by far one of the best performances I have ever seen…from my family to Hanky … you were Great !!!!!!!! My kids enjoy every part of your puppet show …… made every one there laugh…..Face painting was unbelievable…. Hanky thank you so much ..And yes we will be calling you next year for our kids party … That if you would love to come back…. Mark….. Hanky was the greatest clown ever…… You need more clowns like her ..
Thank y’all so much …..GO HANKY GO !!!!!!!!

–Leroy Salazar



Making your birthday the one to remember is the goal of Boopsie the Clown. The red headed ruby lipped beauty will bring fun and excitement to all in attendance. Each child is special to Boopsie. She performs magic and puppets, face painting and balloons for the occasion. The birthday child becomes the star by magically producing a rabbit for everyone to pet!

Boopsie specializes in birthday shows for children ages 4 and up. She is an excellent magician too! She should be, as she was mentored by one of the best magicians in the metroplex, Dal!

“Boopsie was wonderful!” – Trista Harris


Dubble Bubble checking her hair. Is this silly enough, dear?

“She managed to entertain all of the children, keeping them involved. My 1 year old “the birthday girl” could not stay away from her. We loved her!”
— Alexia Silva

Have you ever met anyone who was naturally entertaining, funny, and charismatic? When you meet Dubble Bubble, you will! She is a gifted entertainer who has put years into perfecting her talent. First of all, she is incredibly likable. Crowds naturally gather around her, waiting for something funny. Susan never disappoints, keeping the audience laughing long and hard when she is entertaining. Second of all, she is great with puppets, marionettes, clown skits, and more!

dubble_bubble_wave_foot_up_smallSusan is the former President of Texas Mid-Cities Clown Alley #85 and the convention chair for the Texas Clown Association in 2001 & 2006. She won a top clown honor in the state in 2001 when she received the Ambassador of Clowning Award for her charitable work. She has volunteered hundreds of hours at Children’s Hospital of Dallas and volunteers regularly for The Make A Wish Society. Susan is the UTA Clown School instructor and has taught dozens of clowns in the DFW area their art. She performs comedy magic, skits, balloon artistry, face painting, puppetry, and general buffoonery. She also has other characters to choose from for library and school shows.

Picture of Duble Bubble, a birthday party clown in the Dallas Ft. Worth Texas area.
Dubble Bubble ready to step out for some birthday party for fun!

Whether performing her birthday party show, entertaining with puppets, or offering balloons and face painting, audiences really like Dubble Bubble. Here are a couple more happy customers sharing their thoughts on a fabulous, funny clown!

“Everything was perfect. I would not change a thing!”
— Zody Solis

“Even the kids that were a little leery about clowns fell in love with her and were very comfortable around her. She had everyone’s attention from start to finish. The balloons were a great ending! She was fabulous!”
— Cheryl McCall

To bring Dubble Bubble (for twice the fun!) send us a Price Request with the party details. We’ll get in touch right away!


MissMartha has been entertaining children since 1996. She is the former President of Happi Tymes Clowns in Arlington. Barely 5 feet tall, 100 lbs. and with a tiny little voice, she looks like a big kid herself. She is definitely an adult but still a child at heart. Children gravitate to her because she is happy, non-threatening, and has such a sweet demeaner. She has a cute magic show and can face paint, make balloon animals, play games, perform with puppets, or tell stories with the children. As you can read below, children and their parents have lots of good things to say about Miss Cookie!

Awards: Gold medal for skit performance at Circus Circus, Las Vegas, Gold Medal for skit performance Steve Kissell’s Comedy Workshop.

“She was sweet and funny – not “scary.” The kids loved the show so much!”
Leah Carithers

“The children loved the show. It kept their attention. She is so sweet!”
Tori Harris

“Thank you much for all your help! Miss Cookie was Awesome!
We will call you when we have another event.”
Juan Trevino – Territory Account Manager – H&E Equipment Services

Fannie the Clown


Fannie is a clown light on makeup, but she pours on the comedy and fun!

Shelley is a lovely lady and mother with lots of experience pleasing a crowd. She brings her experience as an entertainer when performing as Fannie the Clown. Fannie uses a minimal make-up design, which is a great option when the birthday child is uncertain about a full make-up clown. Shelley is charming and lighthearted, quickly making friends with all the guests at the party.

As Fannie the Clown, she performs a magic show, makes animal balloons and/or face paints. Her face painting is quite extraordinary – some of the best in the DFW area! While face painting at your party, she gives the children a beaded bracelet craft to make and keep. We recommend her for girl parties with 12 or fewer children. If you will have over 12 guests at the party, book her for 1½ hours to give her enough time for face painting. You will be stunned at the quality of her work with a facepaint brush! You’ll also enjoy her show. In 2007, Shelley won the DFW Funny Business Entertainer of the Year award!

Fannie would love to make your event more fun! Sends us a Price Request, and we’ll take it from there!




Kids will want to know if her propeller works, and the name of her dog.


Posie the Clown

Debbie has several different clown characters including a western clown and a nurse clown, but Posie is her most popular for children’s parties. She has an adorable magic show which always includes her live bunny magically appearing.

In addition to all this, Posie performs with puppets, and juggles scarves. Her years of experience make her superb in handling all types of audiences. Debbie has been clowning since 1986. A former President of Texas Mid-Cities Clown Alley #85, Debbie has mentored many other clowns in the DFW area.

Awards: Gold Medal for skit performance on stage at Circus Circus. Texas Clown Association 2nd place group skits. DFW Funny Business Entertainer of the Year in 2004.

“Excellent job!”
Jody Headley

“All of the adults attending the party enjoyed the show too and asked for business cards.”
Cecilia Luu

“My son said his favorite part of the party was the clown – and we had a lot going on with the carnival theme! She even had the adults entertained! She was very good with the kids.”
Laura Knowlton


Posie with a fuzzy white friend.



Colorful, and fun; that’s Buckle The Clown! Plus balloons are cool!

Buckle The Balloon Clown the eminently engaging balloon entertainer

Buckle The Clown adds a whole lot of personality to his excellent balloon skills. You’ve seen him elsewhere on our site, usually on stilts. When he comes down to earth, Buckle The Clown makes lovely balloons along with plenty of memories!Buckle The Clown is one of our popular clowns and that bubbly personality is present when he makes balloons. He’ll have kids smiling with his antics, as well as fancy balloons like the ones you see here. Whether it is an alien coming in peace (and leaving in pieces) or a pretty, multi-color flower, Buckle The Clown always seems to know just what the guests will like! He’ll even play games – featuring balloons – with your guests for a more energetic event. For fabulous balloons and a huge helping of fun, ask forBuckle The Clown!

Have a look at his pictures, and remember that these are just a couple of the elegant, appealing sculptures thatBuckle The Clown can make.


Aliens have landed, giving Buckle The Clown a start!


Flowers and palm trees are perennial favs!


Mom, I want a palm tree! No, I want the alien!