Strolling Magician

A strolling magician will engage small groups of people with coins, cards, and other small objects. The magic often happens right in the hands of the guests, causing a ‘how did that happen?’ kind of response. This kind of magic gets people talking, laughing, and socializing at a party just the way you would like. After the magician spends 5 – 10 minutes with the small group, he will move on to the next group, leaving your guests feeling like they just experienced a magical moment.

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Brett – Mobile Magic

Brett is youthful, hip, and modern. He is always up on the latest cool effect that will “wow’ your guests. Brett has perfected an act where instead of cards or coins, he makes magic with pure light! This is magic like you never saw before! Right before their eyes, Brett will materialize a ball of light, change the color, and then release it back to the atmosphere to vanish.

He may ask guests to hold a color, which then slips through their hand, and out the top of their head. It is like the room is filled with magical fireflies which Brett can make visible on command! He can even ask for a guest’s drink, cause the drink to light up, and change colors. This is magic that leaves adults gasping due to the power – and beauty – of this illumined magic!

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Brett Electro the magician

Dal – Magic in your hands

“Excuse me,” says the well dressed man with the warm smile, “would you hold this for a moment?” He places a red ball in the woman’s hand. After a few words with the woman’s friend, the well dressed man with the warm smile asks a question. “You didn’t do anything to that, did you?” “Oh no, I just held onto it.” “If you open your hand, we’ll find exactly what I gave you, right?” “Oh yes!” “Please, ma’am, open your hand.” She does – the delighted screams cause other guests to look at the woman. One red ball has magically transformed into several, which are rolling out of her hand!

This is the power of strolling magic, and Dal is the well dressed man with the warm smile. He is a highly skilled magician with excellent people skills. There is nothing quite like having magic in the hands of your guests to make an event more fun, more memorable, and more lively. Dal will put the magic into their hands, and your guests will remember the party long after they’ve forgotten the hors d’oeuvres! Give your event a magical touch, and arrange to have Brett Dal small miracles among your friends!

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Dal with a birdcage

Wondering what the bird and the oranges have in common? You’re not alone!

The Magic of Christopher

“Dude, that rocks!”
Do you want a magician for your event who will display effects that bring out such direct responses? Do you want to have magic at your event that gets under the skin of your guests, so that they call weeks later to ask “hey, how did Christopher do that; you know, the one where he . . . .?” This is magic as it should be performed – with flair, zest, dazzling the participants with mystery and skill acquired from years of steady practice. When you want this kind of magic for your event, we have the magician for you! His name is Christopher, a multi-talented magician who reminds us of a young Lance Burton. This guy has charisma AND talent!

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Christopher making a card levitate

You can check it out for yourself – magic, right before your eyes!

Hal – aka Doc Haliday

Hal has a Southwestern magic character that combines his personal charm with a bit of old West nostalgia. As Doc Haliday, the Western Gambler, guests feel like they’ve stepped into an old west saloon! As you can see from the photos, Doc Haliday looks the part of a wild West gambler. Dare to take a card? Wanna bet it’s not the card you thought it was? Doc has over a dozen different card sharp routines that will mystify and enchant your guests!

Hal is a natural born performer. People warm to him right away. He seems like that personable uncle with magic in his pocket. At the same time, Hal is an accomplished magician who keeps his skills sharp with regular membership in the magic clubs.

How good is Doc Haliday? He won the DFW Funny Business Entertainer of the Year in 2003! Book him – and you’ll agree that he is one of the best!

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Hal the magician

We have a bigger picture of this noted Western card man.