Small Stage Magicians

Magicians for a small stage show

Magic, as a style of entertainment, has a long history of adapting to different settings. Once called parlour magic, we now call it small stage magic. These are magicians who can provide a show for your annual banquet, or to make your lunch meeting vastly more memorable. They can provide a show which all your guests will enjoy from their seat, wthout needing curtains and stage hands. Do you want to make a lasting memory on your next group meeting? End the event with a magical performance. We have learned that people remember the entertainment far longer than the main course!

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Brett brings a modern, hip sensibility to his performance. His shows are designed to leave you filled with wonder after some time with the charming, humorous magician. His skills are high, and his magic carefully considered for impact, and the group he is entertaining. This is important when selecting entertainment for adults, because they have different expectations than young audiences. Brett has a knack for sharing magic which zaps the audience expectations into having a fabulous time while scratching their heads wondering ‘how’d he do that?’.

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Brett the magician

A hip approach to classic magic!


If he wanted to, Dal could keep busy working as a comedian. He is extremely funny, and highly personable on the stage. Yet Dal is at heart a magician, and he combines both loves into a show older audiences will enjoy.

Dal is a highly seasoned, well traveled entertainer. He has worked numerous events (including his 2009 appearance on Comedy Central) and leaves the audience laughing and mystfied. He’s a blend of Doug Henning charm and David Copperfield mystery with appropriate humor woven in to make his unique style. For your banquet, product launch, corporate meeting, or any other function where you want to entertainment the people will truly enjoy, Dal will deliver!

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Dal - Paper balls trick

Dal doesn’t require much space to transform your banquet into a magical event!

Rope helper

Feeling strung out? Dal has a cure that works like magic!


It is possible Christopher was born wanting to be a magician, and he hasn’t lost a bit of his passion! His show is energetic with a modern touch. Get ready for mind blowing deception presented with pizzazz! Adults in this era want effects which tickle the funny bone and defy expectations. For example, who would want to get into a strait jacket? Christopher can’t wait! That’s the expectation twist. When Christopher gets the audience laughing during his routine, the funny bone is tickled – and when he tosses the strait jacket aside, jaws drop. This is Christopher’s approach to magic – high skill – a daredevil approach to the art – puzzling effects – and good humor!

You might see Christopher with items other magicians use – the secret to his success is a unique style. Bring Christopher in as the banquet entertainment, and you’ll have an event that leaves people with happy memories for years!

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Christopher Strait jacket

For some people, work clothes are really uncomfortable!