Large Stage Magicians

Dal’s Full Stage Magic Show

Everyone is in their seats. A hush falls over the audience as the speakers whisper . . . lights shift, and curtains open on a magician in formal wear already holding everyone’s attention. When the magician is Dal, you don’t want to miss a thing!

Dal has performed hundreds of shows on stages across America; he knows the secrets to keeping the audience focused. You’ll be glad you booked him when a VIP magically appears. You’ll be even more glad you have Dal if there is a glitch, because with Dal’s skill, every moment of the show will seem planned. A stage show is a big program – let the event have 2 stars; Dal, and you for booking him!

Click here to watch a short video from Will Baffle’s big stage show!


These are a couple photographs from Dal’s appearance on the Mitch Fatel Comedy Central special.
Dal knows how to entertain large audiences. How large? Millions tuned in for this special!