St. Patricks Day

Do you have a party planned for St. Patrick’s Day? Would you like to make the party more authentic with music from Scotland/Ireland? Sure you would! That’s why you will be glad to know about Piper James, a musician who will have everyone smiling, dancing, and laughing as they celebrate a very special day!

Maybe you want to have a rousing good time. Or maybe you have gaelic ancestors you want to remember. (Or maybe you just want an excuse for a Celtic good time!) It doesn’t matter why you are having a gathering in the St. Patrick’s season – we’ve got just the musician for you. Meet Piper James, our very own Texas bagpiper who is ready to be the life o’the party.

This is the one time of the year when we think about leprechauns, shamrocks, and all things Irish or Scottish. Why not have some Gaelic ribs at the cookout? Piper James will keep the folks dancing a jig or two, and high stepping during a lively reel. Bagpipers were the original party band, with music to match. Piper James knows a whole host of music for a lively good time (though if you want him to play Amazing Grace, he can do that, too.)

If you are planning to make the party a bigger celebration this year, add a face painter or balloon maker. They’ll be popular with everyone as they paint shamrocks or make them out of balloons. You’ll find your guests decorated with leprechauns, fairies, and more – or, if there is enough time, showing off their balloon wings or St. Paddy’s character. Be sure to have the camera handy!

Speaking of camera, take a look at the big pictures of Piper James. This is the outfit he wears when piping. During breaks, you can set up a spot for pictures with the plaid piper. Look out, facebook, it’s a flurry of fun photos! We’ll help you give your guests many reasons to remember this St. Patrick’s Day celebration. And it is the memories that stay with us, isn’t it?