DFW Funny Business offers full costume Easter bunnies and clown bunnies with an engaging Easter show. Along with a petting zoo and kiddie train for rent, we offer face painters and balloon makers to add a lot to your Easter egg-stravaganza! We’ll help make this the most memorable Easter ever!

Costume Bunnies

A gorgeous large, white, big headed Easter bunny is available for photos with children, or Easter egg hunts. Our bunny is a great visit with children in a reading club, attending a day care or preschool, in a Sunday school, part of a reading program, or any other group of kids. This is a gentle character who children love to be near! Whatever your event, the time will be a little more special with an Easter bunny to hug, to laugh with, to play with, and to pose for photos. The costume is pretty, the entertainer is always experienced, and the children will be delighted! There is a one hour minimum, and we offer a discount for 3 hours or more. (Our costume bunny is good for age infant and up.)

Clown Bunnies

Each of our clown bunnies can make a live rabbit appear during the show, which you may announce is the real Easter bunny! Each of our clown bunnies has over 10 years experience engaging children with magic, storytelling, and comical antics. One of our bunnies is the lead instructor for the areas largest and oldest clown school. All of our bunnies are also either current or past presidents of area clown clubs, which means you get a real professional for your event. Instead of just a costume, with DFW Funny Business you will have an entertainer who knows kids, knows what they like, and knows exactly how to tickle their funny bone! In addition to a 30 – 45 minute Easter show, our bunnies can face paint the children with assorted Easter designs including bunnies, eggs, and Easter baskets! They can also make balloon bunnies, chickens, and wonderful Easter bonnets!

In her act, Bunnies Are Funny, Bernice Bunny “cooks” an outrageous “carrot stew”. As each silly ingredient is added to her cooking pot (flowers instead of flour, milk that ‘moos’ and multiplying carrots that appear out of NOWHERE) the children giggle with delight! Finally, when the lid is put on to ‘cook’ the stew, out pops Peter, The Easter Bunny (Bernice’s husband, a LIVE rabbit!) who snuck in and ate up every single drop! The comedy continues when Bernice asks her husband if he minds letting the children pet him. He answers (through ventriloquism) that he forgot to take a bath.

Bernice decides to wash her stinky hubby by putting him through the Rabbit Wringer Washing Machine. When she is finished, Peter comes out as a flat, bunny shaped piece of felt. Poor Peter! The children wonder what happened to the real bunny and think he is still inside the machine – until Bernice takes the machine apart to show it empty!!! She puts her poor, flat husband back through the wringer, adds fabric softener to “fluff him back up”, and presto! Out comes Peter all fluffy, clean, and back to normal. Best of all, he smells good and the children are allowed to come pet him and love on him as the cameras catch these precious images you will treasure for years and years!

Imagine your child in the audience watching and giggling with joy! Imagine the feeling of your child saying “Mommy, I saw the REAL Easter bunny today!” We just love making memories for you and your children! (The Bunnies Are Funny show is best for ages 3 and up.)

Martha E. Bunny

Easter Clown BunnyMartha – often accompanied by her magic bunny April – will perform an Easter magic show, paint faces or make Easter themed balloon animals for the kids. Along the way, children will often dance the Bunny Hop as part of the program. Martha is distinctive for being such a petite bunny character; she’s just a wee bit larger than the children herself! Children always gravitate toward her, and customers say ‘we loved her!’ A gorgeous, white furred character, Martha’s bunny is also a big hit with the kids! (The Martha E. Bunny’s program is best for ages 3 and up.)


Susan & Tricia Bunnies

Easter Clown Bunnies
In the show “The Bunny Hop”, rabbits appear, disappear, and reappear in the strangest, funniest places imaginable. The show features a lovely marionette bunny who will teach the children how to dance the Bunny Hop. Kids will laugh at the antics of the Houdini rabbit and the comical props used in the show. You can have either Susan or Tricia arrive to perform this 30 – 40 minute show at your school, library, church, or company Easter event. You’ll get lots of laughter as this show makes many happy memories! (The Bunny Hop show is best for ages 3 and up.)

Hunny Bunny (aka Debbie)

Easter Clown BunnyTwo bunnies – a little one the kids love patting, and a big one – Hunny Bunny – the kids love having entertain them! All DFW Funny Business entertainers are at the top of their field, and in fact, the first open face bunny character in the DFW area was from DFW Funny Business! Debbie has nearly 20 years experience with an easy going approach which works well in nearly any situation. Have you got a party with older children? Debbie is an excellent choice to keep their attention and get them having fun! In 2004, based on client surveys, Debbie was voted DFW Funny Business Entertainer of the Year. (The Hunny Bunny show is best for ages 3 and up.)

Petting Zoo

Kids love pettable animals, and can you blame them? The animals from our petting zoo are so friendly, you might forget they are animals! Yup, you might think they are part of the family, so that when your little one says ‘can we take them home?’ you almost say ‘of course’! We’ve got a petting zoo to match your needs, from a small backyard zoo to a deluxe, tented zoo with over 35 pettable attractions. When you want an attraction just right for your church, neighborhood association, school, or city celebration, count on our Funny Farm petting zoo. Our attractions are USDA licensed with many new friends just waiting to meet your guests!

Kiddie Train

Is it fair to say trains have a place in our heart? There is a romance about that train whistle calling to us in the twilight; wheels grinding on the rails as the train leaves for a distant place we barely imagine. Trains have a power that calls us, and with the kiddie train, you can get a little of that feeling for the guests at your event. You’ll find people line up for a ride on the train, even though it is only driving in the parking lot or an open lawn. Just wait for the giggles, the laughs, the squeals, and the calls from your youngest guests, and you’ll know you did the right thing to bring in a kiddie train. Yes, that power which trains has is present – even with the little ones we offer.


Would you like to capture the perfect children’s photos with The Easter Bunny? We can do that with the most advanced technology available! Many photographers cannot print instant photos. They either take the photo, save them and have to mail the photo to you later (which takes the chance of getting lost in the mail) or the photo takes forever to print out – sometimes 5-10 minutes! Our photos take only 20 seconds from flash to print! We take the photo, and while the child is visiting with the Easter Bunny the photo is printing! When they leave the Bunny’s side the photo is processed and ready for you to take with you as a wonderful souvenir of the time spent with him. Our professional photographer can also set up a beautiful red and gold drape backdrop, a bunny throne (actually a couch that can seat up to 3) and professional lighting so the guests look their best!

These photos were taken on the Continental Bridge in Dallas, a foot traffic bridge overlooking the beautiful Dallas skyline.