About DFW Funny Business Magicians

Can my magician perform a theme show?

Brett can perform theme shows. He already has a Pirate show, but with enough notice may be able to theme other shows as well. We have Professor Moon and Professor Armstrong Tuttle who perform a Harry Potter Wizard show. Brett performs a general wizard show. Brett has a Christmas show as well.

How long does it take my magician to set up?

This varies based on the magician. Usually around 10 – 15 minutes is all they need.

How long will the magic show last?

Most shows are 40 – 45 minutes long.

Can you change the length of the show?

Yes. The shows can more easily be shortened than lengthened.

Can they make something special - like a birthday present - appear?

Yes, but that depends on the size of the birthday present. If it is small like a wrist watch – yes. If it is much larger than generally no.

What will my magician do at the party?

Your magician will provide a comedy magic show. After the show, some of our magicians can provide another activity, such as teaching the children a magic trick.

Can I get a bunny at my magic show?

The only magicians with bunnies are our clown magicians, and that is by special request.

If I want puppets, who should I ask for?

Magician Brett has a magic show with puppets.

What kind of experience do your magicians have?

Our magicians are all members of one of the major magic clubs in America such as the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) or the Society of American Magicians (SAM). These are not clubs where you pay your dues and you are in. You have to first get sponsored by a magician in the club to join. Second, in order to become a member you have to perform and become accepted by your peers. It’s not easy to do that! We have magicians with impressive magic credentials, such as Chuck Lehr. He’s a columnist for magic magizines and has served as an officer for the national magic organizations. His magic resume reads like a “Who’s Who”. Hal, Brett, and Kenny of Kool Magic have all taught magic at meetings and conventions. Kenny is our local Lance Burton. Brett worked for years at a local magic shop teaching magic while also entertaining on weekends. We have outstanding magicians who know the most important key of all – how to entertain YOU and your guests!