About Funny Face Painters

Should I provide tables?

Generally you should provide tables and chairs for our artists, especially at birthday parties. If we need to bring our own tables and chairs there may be an additional charge for this. If you have an evening event, be sure the face painters are in a well lit area so they can see which paints they apply.

How many of these designs are original to the artist?

All of our artists come up with their own designs. Since they are all members of the DFW face painters guild, they sometimes develop group designs which they customize to their own style. This means that while you see similarity in painting, each artists work has a distinctive style. No two designs are ever identical. For example, all our artists paint cat faces, but the cat faces are different and unique to each artist.

Does the painter use a menu?

Usually not. That tends to limit what we can paint. We are therefore limited only by our imagination. We have only used menus at extremely large corporate events or holiday events.

Can they do theme painting?

YES! That is one of the best things we do! Pick a theme and we will instantly come up with designs for you!

Will this paint affect someone with sensitive skin?

It shouldn’t. We use ONLY FDA approved face paints specially made for use on human skin. (These paints are actually make up, not paint.) Many face painters use craft or acryllic paints; our face painters know better. Using non-FDA approved paints may look good on the skin, yet later some children will break out in hives or have other bad reactions. We’ve seen it happen at events with “bargain painters”. Along with FDA approved face paints, we use ultra fine polyester glitter. This is even more important than paint allergies because with another kind of glitter, if the child rubs any in their eyes, they may get a corneal abrasion. This is VERY dangerous! Ultra fine polyester glitter is so fine it is washed out of the eye with natural tears. We want face painting to be a pleasure, not a pain!

What kind of experience do your face painters have?

At DFW Funny Business we are proud to say that our face painters are the FOUNDERS of the first face painters guild in the USA. We meet monthly to practice our skills. We have guest painters come in to teach us new techniques. We study everything from brush technique and strokes to fast designs to keeping brushes and kits clean and hygienic! Our painters are seen at some of the most prestigious events in the North Texas area. Did you see the fabulous painters at the State Fair of Texas? Those are Funny Business painters! If you saw gorgeous painting at the Frisco Rough Riders Ball park – you saw our painters. If you saw jaw dropping painting at The Ballpark in Arlington – you saw our work.

Several of our painters even travel the country to TEACH face painting at clown conventions and other events! Two of our painters are reps for a major face paint manufacturer too! Did you know that there is an international face painting convention held every year? Yes! Our painters have taken the top awards at this prestigous convention for 3 years in a row!