How To Convince Your Husband

The party is coming soon. You know that your child will love to have live entertainment; you know that the guests will love live entertainment. And you also know what your husband will say about the price, right? So do we, and to help, here are some points to make about why you should have live entertainment, and how to keep the costs as low as possible.

In a child’s life, there aren’t many years when you can have a party. When they become teenagers, they will not want you around for their birthday; it’ll be hours in their room with friends, all of them probably wearing headphones. Just before the teen years, the party will be at a loud restaurant with frantic children playing the games and eating pizza only a child could love. You have about 4 – 6 years when the child is delighted to have their friends at a party where you can watch them have fun celebrating their birthday.

A child’s birthday is unlike any other celebration in the year, because that is the day the activity is about them. The birthday party is remembered long after the child forgets the presents they got. Ask yourself, do you remember all the presents you had at your 7th birthday party? Generally people remember having a happy party even when they cannot remember the cake or other details. This is a memory your child will keep, and you only have 4 – 6 years to play an active role in that memory. Remember, very soon they will ask you to leave the party so they can have fun!

For you as a parent, a birthday party is a chance to see a rare delight in your child – to watch their eyes light up at a beloved friend arriving, the thrill of burning candles on the cake, or a favorite character coming to their party. Children have an attachment to their clown or their favorite costume character at the party. We hear from parents all the time that their child remembered and talked about “their clown” or “their character” for months and even years later!

When the program is over, the birthday child says ‘will you ever come back?’ to the entertainer. This is a sweet moment you will treasure, and experience shows that children remember parties for many years.

My first son told me how much fun he had at his Pirate party on his 6th birthday with the REAL pirates – and he recalled this when he was 23! When my second son (who is now graduated from Texas A&M University – and married) was 18, he still remembered the Train party he had when he was only 3 years old with Mr. Conductor. They have fond memories of these occasions. I am 29 (w/20+ years experience) and I STILL remember my 4th birthday – because it was HORRIBLE!

Kids don’t remember the presents. They don’t remember the cake. They don’t remember the decorations. Other than Mom or Dad, they usually don’t remember the guests either. But they WILL remember a LIVE entertainer. Why? We make the child FEEL SPECIAL. We make them the center of attention – the STAR of the show. It’s all about them on this big day.

You will have the memories, and the photos, to cherish for the rest of your life. It is a decision you will always be glad you made, and when your child snuggles up at the end of the day and says ‘Mom, that was the best birthday party ever’, you’ll just want to burst with joy. Remind your husband that each year’s birthday comes just once in a lifetime, and there is no changing a party once it has passed. He will be a hero for making the party a super memory, and when his child tells him years later ‘Daddy, I loved my 5th birthday party’, that will be a prized moment in his life.

Price is always an issue, and here are some suggestions to keep the price low enough for him.

  • Make invitations as a craft project with your child.
  • Instead of buying a birthday cake, make one.
  • Instead of buying birthday decorations, make signs and posters.
  • Avoid the expense of goodie bags, and use simpler paper plates and cups for the guests.
  • Keep the party small, at about 10 close friends.

To also help convince him that a truly spectacular party is within the family budget, put aside $15 – $20 each month. Tuck it into an envelope in your jewelry box, and when the party comes around, you’ve got a nice cash stash to pay for nearly everything.

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