About DFW Funny Business Clowns

Will my clown look like the photo on your website?

YES! Their makeup always stays exactly the way you see it. They always sport the red nose as well. Some of our clowns have more than one costume and they may switch back and forth, but rest assured all their costumes are similar to what you see in the photo so there will not be any unhappy surprises. Maggie for example has 6 costumes – 3 dresses with petticoats for winter and 3 pant jumpers for summer. All are EXACTLY alike from the waist up. The pant jumpers are cooler for summer weather so she switches when the weather gets hot – but all are in the same “Maggie” style. During summer months many of our clowns will also go wigless and fix their natural hair in a funny way to stay cooler. Some even add colored dye to their natural hair to make it more clowny without a wig. We always maintain a high standard of “clowniness” though.

What is the experience level of your entertainers?

All of our clowns have graduated from professional clown schools. Several of our clowns are past instructors for these schools. Dubble Bubble is the current lead instructor for the biggest school in the area. Maggie, Dubble Bubble, Posie, and Miss Cookie are all either current or past presidents of area clown alleys (clubs). Maggie lectures at conventions and seminars and is a published author in several entertainment publications. She has even authored her own joke book. Our least experienced clown has just over 5 years as an entertainer. The average experience level is around 12 years, with several of our clowns at over 20 years experience. We take our funny seriously!

Do your clowns have children?

Most of our clowns are parents. A couple are even grand parents. Maggie claims that her oldest son (now 22) who has ADHD taught her patience, giving her the ability to enjoy and have fun with ANY child she meets! While many of our clowns are parents, all of our clowns are excellent with children!

How much space does my clown need?

In general, all we need you to do is push back the furniture and make some room for fun! Our clowns can adjust to meet the needs of your party. Please help by saving a parking space, and give access through a door with the fewest steps possible. This makes it much easier for your clown to unload the equipment they bring to your party.

How long will the comedy show last?

Most shows are 30 minutes long, with the rest of the scheduled time used for face painting or balloon animals. There are exceptions. For example, Maggie’s show can be almost an hour long and offer juggling, plate spinning, comedy, magic, puppets, or ventriloquism. Her show, like others, is adjusted for the primary ages of the party guests.

What will my clown do at the party?

Your clown will usually start with a comedy magic show, and then provide balloon animals, games, or face painting. The activities depend upon the number of children, and the length of the party. ALL our clowns perform comedy magic shows. All of our clowns can make balloon animals. Except for Cannonball, all our clowns can face paint. If you like plate spinning, request Maggie.

Can I get a bunny at my show?

Dubble Bubble, Hanky, Miss Cookie, Boopsie, Posie, and Maggie all feature bunnies in their magic shows. Posie has a performing Jack Russell Terrier in her show, too!

Are the rabbits vaccinated?

No. Rabbits are in kept in cages and not susceptible to rabies like dogs or cats. In addition, Funny Business clowns generally treat their rabbits like pets, rather than livestock.

If I want puppets, who should I ask for?

The clowns with puppets in their shows are Dubble Bubble, Hanky, Posie, Miss Cookie, and Maggie.