About DFW Funny Business Caricature Artists

How fast are the artists?

Caricature artists draw a typical black and white drawing in 5 – 7 minutes. For the artists that draw in color, those take about 10- 12 minutes each.
* Note: Hal takes 10 – 12 minutes per drawing because his drawings are really cartoon works of art and not true caricatures. Some people perfer his style though.

Do they furnish their own supplies?

Yes, they bring in an easel of sorts and furnish their own heavy, 11×17 paper. We ask that you furnish them with chairs for their subjects and some of our artists sit to draw.

How many hours should I have the artist at my party?

Take the number of people to be drawn and multiply by 7 minutes in order to be conservative. If that is too long, you may wish to hire more than 1 artist. We have 9 available for your party.

That is longer than I want. Is there another option?

Yes, you can limit your artist to drawing only head shot profiles. Those can be drawn in about 3 minutes. The most popular drawings are the frontal poses though.

Is there a minimum number of hours?

Yes, 2 hours is the booking minimum.