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Birthday Party Petting Zoos

child_feed_goatPetting zoos may contain goats, ducks, piglets, chickens, mini-cows, donkeys, or rabbits. All petting zoo bookings include setup, tear down, clean up and staff at your location. There is a 1 hour minimum. Depending upon your location, fuel charges may apply.

Petting Zoo For Events

For events, there is a minimum 2 hour booking arrangement. All zoo bookings will include set-up, tear down, and clean-up. We will also provide staff to manage the zoo with all guests. Fuel charges may apply depending upon the length of travel to your location.

Pony Rides

1 standard pony to ride: (up to 30 rides per hour) Hand led.

Pony Carousels

We have pony carousels for large events (minimum 2 hour rental). We prefer on dirt, especially in the summer.
DFW Funny Business offers a 4 pony carousel and a 6 pony carousel.

Access to Location

Our zoos need to have easy access to the set up area. Access should allow the animal trailer to pull up close to unload the animals, the pens, and all other equipment used for your zoo. If your zoo will be in the backyard, please keep the driveway clear for trucks and trailers.

Will there be sawdust in my backyard?

Absolutely not! The petting zoo will set up a moveable fence, giving the animals free access to your lawn which they will nibble and trim while your guests visit with the animals. The small animals – goats, rabbits, chickens – leave very small quantities of organic fertilizer behind. Lawn fertilizer left by the larger animals – the horse, the cow, or the donkey – will be quickly disposed of by the staff.

Is the petting zoo really noisy?

It can be, especially when the donkeys bray. We suggest if you are concerned about neighbors complaining about the sound, invite them to join your party! We try to keep all our animals calm, and happy. The sounds your neighbors hear are far less than the volumes made by chainsaws or lawnmowers.

What does USDA inspected mean?

It means that our animals are certified as healthy, and all required vaccinations are up to date. The quarters for the animals are inspected for cleanliness, and the animals themselves are tame. USDA inspection occurs regularly, so that you may be assured of a healthy, well cared for, and tame petting zoo for your party.