Dubble Bubble The Clown Price Request

Selecting an entertainer for your event is the first step. Sending this price request is the second. We will process your request and send you a price quote. The third step is your decision to go forward; if you accept the price quote, we will call to verify information and then book the entertainer for your event. Until step three, there is no obligation and no booking. Thank you for considering DFW Funny Business!

Children will enjoy a wonderful comedy magic show! Dubble Bubble can also bring a live bunny, offer a puppet program, or display juggling skills. When there is enough time booked, Dubble Bubble will provide balloon sculptures, and/or face painting, or both! Please use the Additional Notes box to make specific requests.

For children’s birthday parties, ALL clowns can perform a comedy magic show and make balloon animals. All but one clown can also face paint. Would you like to know if a specific clown can juggle, spin plates, bring games, or have a live animal production in their show? Just check the Speedy Overview to find out!