DJ Aaron Price Request

DJ Aaron is far more than just a disk jockey! He is a friendly, funny, balloon blowing, game organizing party personality! He brings fun you can have and hold, from engaging games to balloon designs for the guests. 20,000 songs and a modern, high tech system brings this disc jockey into the computer age! Whatever event you are celebrating with Aaron, he will bring musical energy that keeps your guests smiling, dancing, and glad they came to your event! Aaron knows people, and he knows how to keep the music flowing so that the smiles never stop. Send us the details for your event, and we’ll try to get you the funnest DJ in the metroplex!

Selecting an entertainer for your event is the first step. Sending this price request is the second. We will process your request and send you a price quote. The third step is your decision to go forward; if you accept the price quote, we will call to verify all the details and arrange payment. Only after telephone contact from DFW Funny Business will you have a confirmed booking. Thank you again!